A cold Sunday in ordinary time

It’s been bitterly cold in Maryland. We’ve all stayed bundled up much of the time while we get days of snow and cold. It snowed a bit yesterday, just enough to re-coat the ground with a sparkling blanket of white.
Here is M&M after Mass exploring the way the snow crunches in the shade.
photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Every day after a bit of snow, we see the birds have been busy outside! Cutest thing to imagine them hopping around in the cold.
photo 4

Max is also exploring… this time it is his daddy’s rosary as we head back to the car after Mass. When he woke up from a cat nap in Mass, he was handed the rosary and gripped it tight, not to let it go… and he really never did until we pried his fingers open!
photo 5
Have a great week and stay warm!


3 thoughts on “A cold Sunday in ordinary time

  1. The tracks puncture is so great!

    What a sweetie and how big he is! I love it when they hold on like that.

    We aren’t that far from you and are experiencing the same weather. It is cold!

    If you are ever near Manassas, please let me know so we could meet up. But I know if it’s like me that even though Maryland is so close, it might as well be as far as Ohio. Traffic here is unbearable.

  2. I’m glad you’re still blogging. I always enjoy coming here and seeing what you all are up to. It always warms my heart. God bless!

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