A lot of changes here

Well, we have moved since I was last on here. I spent many many weeks packing and unpacking and here we are. We’ve settled into a little cottage built in the 30’s backed up on the water. We see eagles and deer on a regular basis!
Along with the move came another little gift from heaven right in the midst of the winter snow and boxes! We are due October 22! I’ve gone back on the progesterone injections and the blood thinner as I did with Nicholas a year ago.
photo 4
Bluebelle has donated her hair again to Locks of Love this Lent and is very happy to share her hair with others for a wig.
photo 1
photo 2
Max is almost walking! He is going to be ONE on May 4th! He is such a joy and makes everyone happy!
photo 1-4

photo 5-1

photo 2-2

photo 3-2

photo 4-2

Cookie is finishing up an SAT prep class getting ready for the real deal in June. In the meantime, she’s really looking forward to the Junior/Senior prom! Following that I think she’s looking into taking Driver’s Ed!
Pictures will follow later in a separate post!
Opie is finishing up perfecting Beethoven’s Rage over a Lost Penny and one of Chopin’s Nocturns for a performance coming up. He is also looking forward to his Confirmation he’s been preparing for! We had to go out and buy a new suit!

MM is getting ready to receive her First Holy Communion in May! She has enjoyed studying her Catechism with me and reading King of the Golden City. To go with that she painted a little hut and decorated it with roses to prepare for the coming of the King.

Moonbeam has been steadily getting better and better at not only drawing horses, but also riding them! Here she is at a trot on a vaulting saddle!
Bluebelle also was learning with the vaulting saddle!
I wish you all a blessed and Happy Easter!

9 thoughts on “A lot of changes here

  1. Emily, I cannot believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your children are growing so much and they are beautiful. I have not been checking the blog, as you had not posted in so very long. Max looks like a twin to his siblings – and what a beautiful smile. I am ABSOLUTELY thrilled to hear you “heavenly” news. Please keep me posted, I cannot wait to share with Jim! Love and prayers, Phyllis

  2. Happy Easter to our dear friends! It was so nice to see what’s been going on in your lives recently. All our munchkins were happy to see their buddies. 🙂 We miss y’all so much! And we can’t wait to hear more about the heavenly person. 🙂 Love to everyone!

  3. Happy, happy, happy Easter, Emily (and growing family!!)!!! I’m so happy to see your post and thrilled over the news of your autumn baby!!

  4. Congratulations Emily and family ! Do you know if it’s a boy or girl yet? Friday was was the end of another preschool year. 16 years goes fast! Never thought I would be there this long. Hope to see you if you visit georgia this summer. Love to all. Suzanne

    • HI Suzanne! I know, I can’t believe we’ve been gone 13 years! NO, My U/S is scheduled for June 9. The Doctor said anything sooner, we just wouldn’t be able to see all we need to see. That’s bizarre because all of my other U/S have been around 17 weeks. I’ll be 21 weeks by then. I’ll let you know!

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