Two families in need of prayers

Laetare Sunday is the Church’s reminder of Joy yet to come.

I haven’t written for so long. I have posts I could write and pictures to share in my mind, and yet I seem to never get on the computer. Today, however, on this Laetare Sunday, I am writing to share two families in need of your prayers; two sisters, two babies.
Many of you know we are dear close friends with Father Kevin. Father Kevin is one of 11 children. He has eight sisters. Two of his sisters, Regina and Christina, both delivered unexpectedly a few weeks early this past Thursday. Both babies sharing the same delivery date were born still. Regina delivered emergency c-section after placental abruption. Her baby boy was 36 weeks along. Christina’s baby, a little girl, was 38 weeks.
I know firsthand how both of these mothers will be grieving inside. It’s a pain you can’t describe. It’s a comfort found only in God’s Mercy. It’s a pain that swells inside of you the minute someone asks how you are doing.
I know both of these strong ladies. I know their faith is what will carry them through this pain. I know God’s Mercy will bring them comfort and healing. I know in time both Regina and Christina, their husband(s) and children will find healing as well. For today, though, there is great pain.

For me at the time, Joy was yet to come. I was able to find joy again from the smiling faces in my children around me. Joy came from my husband’s hand. Joy came through the Mass. Joy came knowing our baby Matthew, who had gone before us, was rejoicing in Heaven.

For Regina and Christina, I can’t speak for them, however, I know Joy will come again. For now, they need your prayers. As Liz, another sister who too, has gone through this suffering posted here.

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