Lent is about Conversion. Lent helps us draw closer to Christ while turning away from our own sin. In Lent, this involves giving up things that perhaps may keep us from Christ. We hear our children say, “I’ve given up chocolate or candy.” On their own, they are finding something they enjoy that they can offer up and almost unite with Christ’s suffering while they suffer through skipping a sweet treat. We discuss this suffering Christ endured during Lent and see as the end of Lent approaches, they don’t desire the treat or thing they gave up as much. When they have a focus, it becomes easier to give up something they love. For adults, it can become deeper. We can give up something that we love turning our trust over to God. For some, we can add to our 40 days of Lent by adding in something new: A new prayer book, more devotion time, time for daily Mass. As our 40 Days of Lent are now over and we are in the Triddium, we may focus on Christ’s Passion and Death and look forward to the Ressurection.


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