5 Years Ago

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I cannot believe 5 years have passed. Matthew is such a part of our family. Every year with anticipation we look forward to celebrating his birthdate and his feast day. Today is his feast day. Sunday was his birthday. He shares a birthday with his cousin who just celebrated his 10th birthday. What a special treat. In the shadow box behind his cake, you can see his hand impression, a few locks of his dark hair, and his cross given to us from the Trappist Monks in memory of his casket. Below you’ll see his dark almost curly hair. Matthew lived here for three full awake days before passing on into God’s arms. Our oldest posted two facebook posts that were very touching. If you haven’t read them, take a tissue. Matthew’s life was a gift. I’ve never forgotten how huge I became carrying him around as he began to struggle with the amniotic fluid cycle. I also have never forgotten how often he got the hiccups. He constantly kicked around just like the little girl wiggling inside me now does.DSC_0035
I still recall the day that John’s brother and family visited us before we entered the Fisher house. Jared chuckled at his constant and rhythmic hiccups. Being a military family, we lived too far for most of our friends and family to see us. Matthew was mostly shared through pictures. Matthew Karol Snow 057I wish all of you could have felt him and held him. He was just as snuggly as every baby we’ve held. Thank you all who remembered with us these three special days and who let us know you were thinking of us. That means a lot, more than you’ll know. Matthew will always be loved and missed. Time does heal, but time can’t take away the memories and love. This was the hardest thing we’ve ever gone through. Snow09-2508BW
We’ve learned too that most people just don’t know what to say. It’s OK to say his name to us. It’s OK to bring his name up to us. It’s not going to hurt us if you’ve remembered him. To help remember Matthew, again, I’d like to give away a birthday gift. Last year I gave away a Catholic mom’s planner. This year, I’d like to give away a personalized burp cloth. Leave me a message and let me know you’d like to be entered and if you’d like it to be for a boy or a girl! God Bless, Emily
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Matthew’s Feast Day 2012

Today marks the third year our baby boy, Matthew Karol, left our world to enter into Eternal Heaven. I won’t tell you today was easy, but I will say it’s getting easier. I’ll also tell you my ideas of how today was going to be was completely different than what God’s plans were. After a beautiful Mass, a few sweet friends who didn’t even know us three years ago, remembered Matthew. Thank you. A drive home to prepare for about 7 college students along with Fr Kevin stopping through on their way to a college retreat for dinner, led me to a trip to the ER with Cookie, who was trying her best to help us get ready. While I was in the ER room, I was texting John what needed to be done the most while I was gone. Cookie cut open her thumb on a can and it was just enough to lead us to say, “yep, you might need stitches…” well, to her relief they were able to seal it shut with Durabond. So grateful it was able to be a quick fix. Luckily for her, she can’t do dishes for a while. 🙂
While the college students were a delight to have in our home, along with our dear friend, Fr Kevin, all of the kids had a chance to visit with them and share some of our home with them.
My sister and our sweet Godchild, Christian, are on their way up here for a weeks visit, so be prepared to see pictures of this adorable 4 month old in days to come.
For Matthew’s Gift to you, we did a drawing before all this happened.

We wrote out each name from the comments left in the Giveaway post and folded them in half. Then I put them all in a small basket and had both girls draw out a name since both smaller girls wanted to “help.”

From those two, I put the two names back in had John make the final draw.


Congratulations to Melody from Blossoming Joy, (Mamma’s Little Ditty)! Melody, we are so excited to send you this beautiful planner and hope that you and all of you who visit here have a wonderful New School year. Sanctus Simplicitus does offer free downloads, so if you’d like to hop over to their blog, you can still get your hands on this beautiful planner. Thank you CeAnn for your generous offer!
I really enjoyed every comment with ideas and each prayer that was sent to us. You have no idea, even how small a note it was this year to hear from you. Charlotte, thank you for your kind post remembering Matthew. I am grateful for your friendship and miss you guys in Texas so much!
I had real plans to get this post published before the end of the day but, God was in control of our day, not me.
Have a wonderful year, St Matthew, pray for us.
(Melody, email me at emilysnowATmeDOTcom)

A Feast Day

Calls for Heavenly Delight, and why not, Heaven must be delighted that our little Matthew Karol joined them two years ago today. Matthew lived with us here on earth for three days. Those were three of the longest days. Each day we had such hope that he’d get better, but each day, he was being called closer and closer to God. I can only imagine the joy and praises he heard as he entered in the Kingdom of God. No more wires, not tubes, just Heaven.


hand in hand

We were always sad that the children didn’t get to see him, only pictures. They certainly remember feeling his hiccups and kicks. I share the pictures with you to show how a small baby, even only a three day old can touch so many lives. Matthew is very much a part of our daily life. The children ask God to say goodnight to him every night at bedtime prayers. Every day since Matthew was introduced here on God’s Canvas, someone has done a search for him. Many search Mass of the Angels, Fiat, St Matthew Karol, Miracle needed, Update on Matthew Karol, and so many more word combinations. I am telling you, not a day has passed without Matthew being searched. I am humbled.
I am touched that this little bitty fellow could fill the need for a search. Over the past two years, we have felt the prayers that have carried us through the good and the bad days. How does one go on after this… through God’s grace and your prayers. I think I cried for a whole year. I have gotten better and I can feel God’s hand and Heaven’s help. My mother always said “Heaven help us” and I believe Heaven does.
So, with your help, Heaven’s help, and Little St Matthew Karol’s help, we will celebrate this special Feast Day… with Heavenly Delight!

Two years ago

Matthew's bed card

We said hello to a 6lb 7oz little boy. Two years ago seems like yesterday to me.

hand in hand

Our children here woke up with plans to draw Birthday cards and bake a cake. We found a sweet text from Nana remembering Matthew in Mass today, a card in the mail from Honey, and a few chats online, emails, and phone calls. Thank you all for remembering us on this special day. We will always be filled with Hope no matter what God sends our way.

Cake, Snowbabies, and Our Lady of Hope


is 6/17….. very significant to us.. We were married 14 years ago. We met each other our first year in college. We were both 18. I still see the same John I saw in that college hallway so many years ago. We are best friends.
6/17 is also the number we see every where we see numbers. We both see 617 at random on clocks, on houses we like, the price of something, and more.
6/17/2008 was the due date of Mark Alexander. God had other plans for us and for Mark. Mark was delivered back to God at 18 weeks in January last year instead.
6/17/2009, we have our second Pediatric Cardiologist appointment in San Antonio. We will be dropping our children off at Jess’s house and leaving them will a cooler full of breakfast, lunch, and dinner for both families….
We will update after we return from our trip to see the Doctors. We are still praying for a miracle for complete healing of Matthew’s heart. Little Matthew is 26 weeks along and already over 2 lbs and still kicking…
PJPII, pray for us
O Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us.