A Sacrament for Rosebud

We celebrated a sweet baptism for our little Rosebud yesterday. She was baptized in a historic Catholic Church built in 1792.
Her Godparents couldn’t join us, so Moonbeam’s Godparents ( John’s Brother Jared and SIL Denise) stood in as Proxy.
As Rosebud had the annointing on her chest, her siblings and a few cousins peered over the pew.
Rosebud held it together has the chilly water fell over her head. Just like her biggest brother, she too found comfort keeping her little pacifier while the water poured.

I love the sweet smell of the Chrism on a new baby
Rosebud wore the same beautiful gown as two of her big sisters, Moonbeam and Bluebelle. She is so sweet and teeny tiny. She is still observing her surrounding and sounds and making some of the cutest serious faces.
We made simple cupcakes with homemade buttercream icing topped off with little roses and made shell candies to pass out to all of the guests outside of the church. Little Rosebud was given some sweet little mementos for her big day, but the best of all, A pure white soul!


A New Child of God on Mother’s Day 2013

This Mother’s Day has been so very special. We welcomed little Max into the Church today. My parents and John’s parents were able to be here with us along with Max’s Godparents and children. Fr. Kevin drove through the night to be here to baptize our little guy. Twelve years ago, he baptized Opie, and now, here Opie watched his little brother be baptized. What a sweet day!
I love how Max is peering out while Fr. Kevin annoints him with chrism.
Fr. Kevin took Max over to the altar to bless him. I think Opie was looking forward to this moment in the baptism of his brother for weeks before his arrival. This was a very special moment.
Here are Jess and Gary, Max’s Godparents. They were also little Matthew’s Godparents. We were grateful they were able to make it down to be here with us to celebrate.

Well, I know I said I wasn’t posting his name anymore, but I loved the Cake, especially the part that said Child of God. We are so blessed. Fr. Kevin said St Nicholas brought people gifts, and then continued, and this little Max has brought this family a gift. I think everyone teared up.
Little Max wore Matthew’s gown. This was so very meaningful to us. Matthew never got to “wear” it due to all of his tubes and wires, but we did place it on him. Now, Max wore it. Thank you Cheryl, for your special gift of this gown.

Newest member

of our family and God’s family.

Christian Carlos Garcia was baptized on Divine Mercy Sunday at the hour of mercy.

John and I are thrilled to be Christian’s Godparents. What an adorable little guy! We were instantly in love ( of course!) and happy to be there with his mommy and daddy welcoming him as a Child of God.

Chrisitian wore his daddy’s gown, but underneath it, he wore the little slip I featherstitched.
He slept through the whole thing. May our Lord walk with you little Christian throughout your life. We love you!

I broke every sewing rule….

… but I am delighted with the outcome of this tiny Baptismal Gown for one of our new Godsons born last week. I had plans a few years ago to sew his big sister’s Baptismal Gown, but things went another direction and I had wonderful help. Now I had much to live up to after Cheryl’s skillful hands who finished our Goddaughter’s gown.

However, I can say, I had a lot of help. First of all, I am sure our Heavenly Mother spiritually guided my tearful eyes as I made the sweet stitches on the birthday of both Godchildren.

The news of new babies I think will forever draw me back to that hospital room where it was us waiting to hear our own baby’s cry.
Second, I used Matthew’s tiny Baptismal gown as my visual guide, so I know Matthew as well as Cheryl helped me through.

Finally, without Jan at Bessiemary, I don’t know if I would have had a clue about insertion lace and entredeux.
I did learn how to French seam, and how to featherstitch. I also followed along with the Old Fashioned Baby directions for how to attach lace to fabric, lace to lace, and entredeux to lace and fabric.

I was feeling so accomplished, I called my sister and said, who delivered a week ago, “Ok, now all you need to do is have a baby girl, and I’ll sew you a gown! ( since they already had one for Christian which is why I only made him a slip)

The Gown…

Before Rosebud’s appearance to the world and her daddy’s deployment early this year, we invited our dear friends over to ask them to be Matthew’s Godparents. To our surprise, they were planning to ask us to be their little “Rosebud’s” Godparents. Of course we happily said yes. We treasure being Godparents. John and I wanted to give her a handsmocked gown so I ordered Satin Batiste fabric from Bessie Mary and a sweet, but simple Old fashioned baby Gown pattern. With the help of Jan at Bessie Mary and Cheryl, one of the best heirloom seamstresses I know, I set off to try to make something to treasure. Up until now, we had been Godparents to boys and we were looking forward to this tradition of giving the gown to the little baby girl.
As the summer got harder for us with all of Matthew’s needs, my sewing got slower. I washed and cut the fabric, rolled the gown and sleeves and pleated them, and then at a Friday appointment in July, the High Risk Doctors decided it was time to move down to San Antonio where I was to be delivered and stay there until delivery time. John and I packed up our things, including my sewing machine and Darner needles. I thought I would get to work on the gown, but the days were hard down there and sooner than we planned, we were told we were going to Michigan to deliver at a hospital known for helping babies with heart problems.
I couldn’t take my sewing machine… we were leaving in a day or two as soon as the Doctors could figure out a flight. I didn’t know what to do with this sweet gown, and then I thought of Cheryl. I emailed her and she immediately emailed me back saying “Send it!” John packaged up all that I had and mailed it that morning. Little did I know Matthew would be delivered by an emergency C-Section a day later.
Later, after things had settled, I received the finished gown all pressed and ready to give away. Cheryl completed the gown out of prayer and love and sent it back to me as her gift to us. Jan at BessieMary provided all of the lace and buttons for the gown out of love for us as well. I am so grateful.
After we buried our little baby, I was not able to, or should I say, unable, to sew anything for a while. It’s so hard to say goodbye, but it is so sweet to say hello to a Child of God… and oh to smell the chrism.. Rosebud was a doll yesterday on the Feast of All Saints. I know our little saints in heaven looked upon us yesterday and prayed for us too. I’m glad you liked the dress, Jess and Gary and Rosebud! Thank you Cheryl and Jan for your prayers and love to help me through this. God Bless you!DSC_0400DSC_0441DSC_0185img_54532
(John has since become a Godfather to one more little girl during all of this, his brother’s first baby girl, Anna.) I am sure I’ll make her more little dresses in time.. God Bless.

sneak peek …

.. for next weekend…
Our little Goddaughter will be baptized on All Saint’s Day. Her daddy is due in from Iraq today so we’ve been keeping the gown we made a secret… but I just had to share the beautiful lace on the bottom of the gown and the little bonnet I made this weekend. I also thought my sweet friend would like to see what I made. The beautiful Satin Batiste fabric and lace was from Bessie Mary. The bonnet is an Old Fashioned Baby Bonnet pattern. I’ll share the full gown after next weekend. DSC_0354

tender touch

The NICU worked above and beyond their duty to give us the gift of being close to Matthew at his most critical hour. Within minutes of being whisked out of the operating room and into his NICU bed to be stabilized, the NICU team moved things out of the way to allow me to be brought in on a gurney so that I could be present for Matthew’s baptism.
Matthew’s heart had dropped down to about 10bpm before being delivered by Emergency C-Section. He was immediately put on the respirator. We asked for the chaplain to come as soon as he could to Baptize Matthew. Within about 15 minutes, with a donated Child of God bib placed on his chest, and all of the tubes where they needed to be to help Matthew stay alive, we heard those words, “Matthew Karol, I baptize you in the name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit.”
Matthew Karol Snow 001
Matthew Karol Snow 005
Matthew Karol Snow 011
We were so thankful that Matthew had the opportunity to receive this Sacrament.
Yesterday, another Snowbaby in Mississippi, became a Child of God. Our Niece, Anna, was baptized. Anna, we pray for God’s grace to shower you each and every day.