Drawing for Birthday gift today.

Update: And the Winner of the birthday gift in Mathew’s honor is…photo 1
Karen! Email me and let me know if you’re looking for pink or blue!
photo 2
AND… Just Because… when I posted this today, I realized this was my 617th post! Quite significant to us. God has gently reminded us over the years with this number. our anniversary! This past 6/17 was our 19th year married! I had been telling myself, I’d like to give something away whenever I hit my 617th post, so, the additional winner for this drawing is….
Sarah Mason!! Congratulations on your new bundle due in January. Email me and let me know when you find out if you’re looking for pink or blue!

Thank you to each one of you for celebrating Matthew’s short life here with us.
To email me type in emilysnowATmeDOTcom and change the caps to symbols.
Your comments to be included in Matthew’s birthday giveaway needs to be submitted before noon, CST. I’ll be posting the winner sometime later today. I realized I forgot to include the date for the drawing after the fact. So today marks one week of saying goodbye to Matthew. We will draw a name later today and let you know. The winner can let me know if they are wanting a pink or blue gift! Thanks for your comments!
Matthew Karol Snow 055

5 Years Ago

photo 2
I cannot believe 5 years have passed. Matthew is such a part of our family. Every year with anticipation we look forward to celebrating his birthdate and his feast day. Today is his feast day. Sunday was his birthday. He shares a birthday with his cousin who just celebrated his 10th birthday. What a special treat. In the shadow box behind his cake, you can see his hand impression, a few locks of his dark hair, and his cross given to us from the Trappist Monks in memory of his casket. Below you’ll see his dark almost curly hair. Matthew lived here for three full awake days before passing on into God’s arms. Our oldest posted two facebook posts that were very touching. If you haven’t read them, take a tissue. Matthew’s life was a gift. I’ve never forgotten how huge I became carrying him around as he began to struggle with the amniotic fluid cycle. I also have never forgotten how often he got the hiccups. He constantly kicked around just like the little girl wiggling inside me now does.DSC_0035
I still recall the day that John’s brother and family visited us before we entered the Fisher house. Jared chuckled at his constant and rhythmic hiccups. Being a military family, we lived too far for most of our friends and family to see us. Matthew was mostly shared through pictures. Matthew Karol Snow 057I wish all of you could have felt him and held him. He was just as snuggly as every baby we’ve held. Thank you all who remembered with us these three special days and who let us know you were thinking of us. That means a lot, more than you’ll know. Matthew will always be loved and missed. Time does heal, but time can’t take away the memories and love. This was the hardest thing we’ve ever gone through. Snow09-2508BW
We’ve learned too that most people just don’t know what to say. It’s OK to say his name to us. It’s OK to bring his name up to us. It’s not going to hurt us if you’ve remembered him. To help remember Matthew, again, I’d like to give away a birthday gift. Last year I gave away a Catholic mom’s planner. This year, I’d like to give away a personalized burp cloth. Leave me a message and let me know you’d like to be entered and if you’d like it to be for a boy or a girl! God Bless, Emily
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A Pregnant Mom’s Giveaway!

It’s not too late! You can enter this great pregnant mom’s giveaway! I was excited to see all of the sponsors for this giveaway! We love the Regina Doman Books, especially Angel in the Waters and I loved doing the bible study on The Domestic Church by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle. There are so many goodies in this giveaway! Click in this link to have your chance at the drawing!

Come back soon…

… to see if you are a winner!! Please feel free to enter in my give-a-away today! So many dear online friends have been hosting give-a-aways. I’ve decided to host one for you! You all have been so kind to me by visiting God’s Canvas and sending offers of prayers and support along the way. Without your comments, my time of saying goodbye to Matthew last year would have not been filled with so many graces.
Mother’s Day is approaching and although I won’t get the smocking and construction done in time for Mother’s Day, I would hope to get it done in time for the following Sunday. I’d love to mail you a Hand Smocked Mary De dress made by me, imperfections and all, or a smocked baby bonnet or Smocked Egg, like the one pictured below… with the disclaimer, ( I’ve not “really” had formal sewing classes)
The winner can choose a dress size between, sizes, 1,2 or 3 or a smocked baby bonnet or an Egg.
To enter, please leave me a comment and how to contact you. This Give-a-away is open to everyone! A random drawing will be held this Sunday, May 2. I will try to get this out to the winner in time for The Feast of the Ascension!! God Bless!