Giving Thanks

We traveled to Atlanta and were able to see all of our family on both sides. There were 16 people for Thanksgiving at John’s parents house. The picture above is our family, John’s brother, Jared and his family, John’s brother and sister, and parents. It was taken with Jared’s new smartphone that takes panoramic shots. We were all impressed that everyone had their eyes open! The cousins had a great time playing and eating and eating and playing. On the way into Atlanta, we stopped by my sister’s new place to see her family and my parents who have been staying with her helping them move into the new place. While we were there, they handed our son an envelope revealing their news of a new baby boy cousin! Yay! Congratulations of the news of another sweet baby boy! Cute, my sister and I are due a week apart! We are waiting for our Level 2 Ultrasound on the Feast of St Nicholas, so now is a good time for me to begin the novena since we are anxious to see this little person! We’ve made it to 17 weeks now, and we are very thankful to hear a strong heartbeat continue each week we go in for a check. I am so thankful that John is home this year and not in Afghanistan. We are looking forward to this Advent season together.
Here is our family picture while we were at my sister’s house. My parents are in the picture along with Courtney’s “growing” family and her husband’s brother down in front. Our daughter Cookie is holding Christian, because if not, he’d be crawling away!


I’m spoiled

Our children made us beautiful menus for dinner on Mother’s Day. Opie even wrote me a Mother’s Day poem. Nana’s menu had games, and the “children’s menus” had things to do like “draw your mom here” and tic tac toe games. The napkins were tucked into little rings with crayons. Guka did the cooking and for dessert, we enjoyed the tiramisu sent by my husband … “from Afghanistan” if you read the menu closely. My children along with Nana and Guka went in together to get me the sweet pink and green scalloped cake platters. I am still enjoying the chocolate covered strawberries, I love you so much John, we miss you and can’t wait to have you home again. Thank you for making me a mother to so many beautiful children here and in heaven. I am so very blessed.

Happy Veterans Day!

Wishing you all a Happy Veterans Day! Today we went to the parade in honor of those who have served. It was really neat to see so many showing respect to those who had served. Two of our kids were in the parade representing the Scouts. Our other three loved waving hello to Veterans and to those who “might” throw candy! All day I thought of my Grandfathers, Dida and Pete, who both served in WWII, Guka, who served in Vietnam, my dad, my husband, my Brother in Law, along with so many soldiers I know serving now to include Fr Kevin, in Afghanistan.

On Memorial Day

we want to thank all of those who have served our country and remember those who have fallen. Close to our prayers are the recently deployed 1st Cav from Ft Hood, esp. a few good friends who are serving without the day off.

Today we cut open the watermelon, boiled the corn, and smoked the ribs…DSC_0403
… and filled the pool…DSC_0407
….and a little popscicle for M&M in her “babe-in SOUP!”
Not pictured is the picnic table that is being primed and the trampoline we John is finally getting time to put together.

The dress I started for Cookie is finished and she wore to Mass. I am so very pleased that she likes it!

Valentine Buttons

The kids and I were scrolling through the fun crafts over at the Crafty Crow and found this fun edible Valentine treat. We made them today to save for our homeschool Valentine party on friday, but also to put together a small goodie bag for Moonbeam’s Speech teacher.


First we needed to unwrap a bunch of these chocolate treats and line the pretzels on the wax paper


The children had fun lining the pretzels with the chocolate  before we put them into the 200 degree oven for five minutes.


Carefully, we placed another chocolate favorite on each to create a button look. Then we put them into the refrigerator to chill.

I think these will be a hit. The original we saw called for circle pretzels, but we found these and thought they might resemble hearts.

Happy St Valentine’s Day Saturday!

Merry Christmas!

We traveled to Florida and then to Georgia for Christmas. We visited with my parents and saw my 90 year old grandmother. We got to meet my sister’s new fiance and see all of John’s brothers and sister and parents. Our family and John’s brother’s family went to the children’s Mass and came home to enjoy Shepherd’s Pie for dinner, a family tradition. Christmas morning, the children loved entering the living room to see what Santa left for them. There was wrapping paper, ribbons, and boxes everywhere.  We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!