Giving Thanks

We traveled to Atlanta and were able to see all of our family on both sides. There were 16 people for Thanksgiving at John’s parents house. The picture above is our family, John’s brother, Jared and his family, John’s brother and sister, and parents. It was taken with Jared’s new smartphone that takes panoramic shots. We were all impressed that everyone had their eyes open! The cousins had a great time playing and eating and eating and playing. On the way into Atlanta, we stopped by my sister’s new place to see her family and my parents who have been staying with her helping them move into the new place. While we were there, they handed our son an envelope revealing their news of a new baby boy cousin! Yay! Congratulations of the news of another sweet baby boy! Cute, my sister and I are due a week apart! We are waiting for our Level 2 Ultrasound on the Feast of St Nicholas, so now is a good time for me to begin the novena since we are anxious to see this little person! We’ve made it to 17 weeks now, and we are very thankful to hear a strong heartbeat continue each week we go in for a check. I am so thankful that John is home this year and not in Afghanistan. We are looking forward to this Advent season together.
Here is our family picture while we were at my sister’s house. My parents are in the picture along with Courtney’s “growing” family and her husband’s brother down in front. Our daughter Cookie is holding Christian, because if not, he’d be crawling away!


Happy St Valentine’s Day

I woke up to adorable little girls coloring and drawing Valentine messages inside their Celery Cards.. Here is MM busy copying her Valentine’s message.. I think by the time I got to her, she had finished three, but was quickly getting discouraged when she questioned a letter she had written…She’s turning into a little perfectionist… its perfect.. or she’s DONE.
Here are the girls enjoying their watercolor Valentines made by their brother.. so many fun secret messages appeared as the colors resisted the wax.. sort of St Valentine’s appropriate!

Now for a complete surprise, but a humble thank you... this afternoon, we drove to post to pick up some things. While we were out, we decided to make an extra stop and after getting out of the car, we headed in. We passed a young girl who was heading to her car… She noticed all of the girls and offered us roses. She said, “oh you have all those girls, you all need roses. Do you want some roses?” “I helped out with the florist all day and I don’t need two dozen.” With all of the little girls beaming, we said sure and she handed us a dozen yellow roses with a simple vase.
Happy St Valentine’s Day!


We are thankful for so many blessings. We thank God for the gift of nephew on the way, Congratulations Courtney and Nelson! We are thankful for family who have been there for us during this deployment. We are thankful for friends and family, the emails, the text messages, and phone calls made today.. and especially for the ability to email across the world to say Happy Thanksgiving to my husband serving in our country. I miss you John, May God bring you home safe to us!
This little guy holding up the sign, Support Our Troops, was right among our Thanksgiving table. John was with us the whole time!

Leaves and ships

Today as we look outside with the windows open, we see a trail of leaves continuously falling… We promptly decided to do a few fall leaf rubbings.. I think we’ll mail some to daddy over in Afghanistan where the fall colors just might give him a glimpse from home.

We discussed Columbus Day and the girls decided to create the three ships out of brownies. Of Course, the Santa Maria was the largest, so they enjoyed nibbling on the extra pieces we cut away. They drew and cut out their sails and made sure to add the pearls and red robes to their ships as gifts for the natives. They enjoyed this and I pretty much let them go for it after our story. I had my idea of what it would look like, and they had theirs… I think it’s great when the kids can take pride in the creations we do. They even added blue waves to the tin foil.

A picture for Dad

With Father’s Day coming up and a husband deployed saying he doesn’t need anything, I had to get creative. I had Guka take a picture of us before Mass on Sunday. I am going to use this picture as part of his gift.. now to put it together. Cookie and I were pleased to hear it only took 6 days to receive his last package that included his personalized Jonny Diaz CD.

Take me out to the Ballgame…

To celebrate the 4th of July, we went to the Braves Baseball game and roasted in the stands. We had great seats for the sun to pelt us throughout the game. The children all wanted cold things to drink while baking in the sun and cheering on our favorite team! After the game, we got to watch amazing fireworks which the children all thought were wonderful! Cookie was thrilled to find a Matt Diaz shirt in the Gift shop. Diaz is the brother to one of her favorite singers, Jonny Diaz. Opie had hopes of catching a foul ball with his glove on most of the game, but was just as thrilled to watch McCann hit a homerun right in front of him! The flag that covered a lot of the field before the game during the National Anthem was held up by JROTC Cadets in the surrounding Atlanta area. It was quite impressive.

We’ve been going to the Braves since Cookie was this size. Now M&M is wearing her shirt.. stating.. “Don’t Mess with the Braves!”
I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!

Its getting colder…

As this cold weather came across Texas, even the slightest drop into the 40s, and we are freezing…. We are so used to triple digits… I took the children to the park Monday and decided to try different settings with my camera.. before going to play…
The following day while Mass was being said, Sept 8, we met one of our Parish priests out at the Cemetery where Matthew is buried. On this day our other three were moved from their resting place to join their brother. We were there the entire time. It was a beautiful morning though. The air was crisp, but foggy. The Cemetery was beautiful in my opinion. It was just foggy enough that it looked peaceful. Every white marble headstone was given an evergreen wreath with a bright red bow. Matthew’s headstone was perfect. A little dirty after replacing it, but they were coming back to clean it later. All three, Luke, Mark, and Karoline’s, burial boxes were now in the same place as Matthew. We are happy knowing they all four rest with Him above. If you notice from the link, today is our own St Luke’s Feast day. St Luke, pray for us.