Because I don’t have enough

on my plate… I thought we’d add a bit of ballet camp and altar server training into the mix.. as well as getting enrolled with insurance being in a new area, proposing updates to the new home, considering new furniture, calling about riding lessons, a good vet, and trying to find a hair brush!
and of course, we can’t forget lunch.. 🙂

And much to the help from family… one room is completely finished! The Powder room.. although not quite the appropriate title… We’ve re-caulked and cleaned and hung curtains and prints.. behind the curtain is a shower… but we won’t tell…


A new place

We are quickly settling into our new place. We’ve been able to get so many boxes out of the house which is always a good feeling. Nana and Guka have been here with us getting SO many things crossed off the honey-do list. Thank you for all the prayers for us during this move!

average 101..(a vent)

We are pretty settled into our new home and with that came our first Electricity bill…

At the bottom it reminded the customer that the daily average for this past billing cycle was 101 degrees vs last year at 92 degrees!

I called the company to ask for tips to beat the high heat (and bill) and they quickly told me to keep the house set on 78 and to keep the blinds drawn to keep the heat out and to keep the doors shut as much as possible. (I wasn’t even talking to anyone in the US)

I thought I was doing alright … I was setting the house on 78 for the day and 76 for the night… I called a friend who said they keep theirs on 80 at all times… ugh…

I found this rather humorous as I thought an “air conditioner” was supposed to cool the air.. not .. not come on at all to avoid high usage.. Isn’t that an Oxymoron?

I may as well stay in bed all day if I have to keep the blinds drawn.. and at that why bother to water the grass if my blinds are drawn I can’t see if it turns green or not.. Oh yeah, I am not supposed to go outside very often according to their beat the heat tips… Hmmm…

I think I’ll just get a nice cold glass of ice water ( and pay for that next month on the water bill ) and go sit in my room under the ceiling fan, in the dark, and pray with the kids that the heat goes away.. it never hurts to ask specifically for what we want right?

We’ll offer up the heat of the hot Texas summer months.. We’ll offer it up for people who have no air conditioners… we’ll offer it up to the elderly , we’ll offer up our house at 80 degrees while the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan work in 115 degree weather while wearing full protection and gear…. so much to be thankful for, who am I to complain!

Son’s Allergy results…

Opie and Dad went yesterday for allergy testing. Dad had it done when he was a child and throughout his childhood went in regularly for shots to help with the allergies. I asked dad to take him as I was sure I would be squirmish at the sight of him getting all of the testing done. I assured him it wasn’t going to be shots.. Never assure anything you can’t be sure on! he got shot injections ( all in one) all over the back…. and because the Dr. said these can’t be “completely” reliable… ahem… he also got real “shots” up and down both arms. Dad said he was a trooper, but squirmed a bit now and then. Results were read by the Dr. about an hour after the tests. Opie was given playing cards, a chalk board, and suckers while he waited. Dad told him how his mom would take him after allergy shots for a snickers bar and and a soda.. so he was looking forward to the same treat after his time at the Doctor. Besides the expected.. dust mites, cedar etc.. He is HIGHLY allergic to horses! Well, we don’t go around horses that much so he’s going to be okay in that area. He is mildly allergic to dogs and  allergic to feather mix.

As the two drove back to town, the girls and I got in the car and met them at somewhere Lobster….not a great dinner and I doubt we’ll ever return.. it all tasted like it was microwaved.. Oh well, Opie enjoyed his (Bread and jam for Francis) Chicken fingers and fries, regardless that we were at a seafood restaurant.

Today I have spent much of the morning taking his room apart and looking for Allergy free Mattress protectors. His curtains are in the wash, along with his bedskirt, quilt, sheets, and the quilt from his wall. I don’t think I’ll be putting it back on the wall, as I am hopeful to be putting it on a bed one day for a new little Snowbaby. Opie’s room has a quilt from Somewhere Barn with Airplanes and the quilt I had on his wall on a quilt rack was a Somewhere Barn Helicopters so the two would look great in the same room together. We’ll see.

When my camera is back in action, I’ll take a picture of his fresh clean room