A lot of changes here

Well, we have moved since I was last on here. I spent many many weeks packing and unpacking and here we are. We’ve settled into a little cottage built in the 30’s backed up on the water. We see eagles and deer on a regular basis!
Along with the move came another little gift from heaven right in the midst of the winter snow and boxes! We are due October 22! I’ve gone back on the progesterone injections and the blood thinner as I did with Nicholas a year ago.
photo 4
Bluebelle has donated her hair again to Locks of Love this Lent and is very happy to share her hair with others for a wig.
photo 1
photo 2
Max is almost walking! He is going to be ONE on May 4th! He is such a joy and makes everyone happy!
photo 1-4

photo 5-1

photo 2-2

photo 3-2

photo 4-2

Cookie is finishing up an SAT prep class getting ready for the real deal in June. In the meantime, she’s really looking forward to the Junior/Senior prom! Following that I think she’s looking into taking Driver’s Ed!
Pictures will follow later in a separate post!
Opie is finishing up perfecting Beethoven’s Rage over a Lost Penny and one of Chopin’s Nocturns for a performance coming up. He is also looking forward to his Confirmation he’s been preparing for! We had to go out and buy a new suit!

MM is getting ready to receive her First Holy Communion in May! She has enjoyed studying her Catechism with me and reading King of the Golden City. To go with that she painted a little hut and decorated it with roses to prepare for the coming of the King.

Moonbeam has been steadily getting better and better at not only drawing horses, but also riding them! Here she is at a trot on a vaulting saddle!
Bluebelle also was learning with the vaulting saddle!
I wish you all a blessed and Happy Easter!

around the house…and car

Well, leave it to Moonbeam to be the first in the family to need a cast. She and the dog collided in the driveway and the dog won. She did not have a broken bone, but injured the growth plate in her wrist. She wore this green cast two weeks and is now in a splint. She’s much more comfortable now since she is able to take it off to sleep. This has not stopped her from picking up Max and loving on him at every moment.

Max doesn’t get much tummy time in this house. When he does, everyone flocks to his side to entertain him on the ground. Max received this beautiful handmade Shamrock quilt from my parent’s neighbor. He really loves trying to focus on the contrasting squares.
Even Sam is interested.. from afar.. at all the excitement surrounding this quilt!

Our Son turned into a teenager this month! He is about to pass me up and you should hear his deep voice! I had great ambitions to wake up and make him homemade cinnamon rolls. I skimmed the recipe from the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook the night before and couldn’t wait to offer them to him when he woke up. I was prepared for the hour the dough needed to rise, but not allllll the other steps to get to the finished product. Well, with Max in my arms rather frequently, along with gift opening, and a trip to see Monster’s University, I served him his “breakfast” treat! No one complained even though it was 4:30!
photo 3-2
I think my camera roll on my phone has over 1000 pictures of Max, taken by any one of us at any given moment. I was thumbing through and found this one that was taken after praying the Rosary. I just love babies in hats!
Look who is starting to notice us!

Twelve in 2012

Happy 12th Birthday son! Your nickname on here back when I started was Opie.. your personalities have always been so similar to Opie on the Andy Griffith show. Things haven’t changed..I’ve thought about changing your name on here, but you still are that polite young boy you’ve always been. You are such a great kid, growing into an awesome young guy!.. ( just not too fast okay?)
You still love the piano and can rock the keys playing Toccata, as well as canoe down the river with the boy scout troop, while managing to achieve the next karate belt.. all with straight A’s!
We surprised you with on the 22nd with a few friends waiting to shout “Surprise!” when you came in from Karate class. You had no idea we planned to surprise you, but I am so glad we did! Happy Birthday Opie!

11th Birthday

Opie just celebrated his 11th birthday! We tried to invite some friends over to swim, but planning two weeks away didn’t allow for rain in the picture. We postponed the swim party for another day and decided to spoil him in the house with his family. He enjoyed sitting behind a pile of goodies… While we all enjoyed his cake, he made his way through the paper and boxes and into the contents. A highlight of the day was getting to skype with his dad. I was so glad we had connection for this special day! We love you Opie and can’t believe you are already 11!

Some school fun for all and music

While Cookie’s science book has been discussing so many hard words and concepts with plants, I decided we’d gather at the table and read aloud from some library books about plants. It actually worked out because she had an Opthomology appointment and she came home with “puppy eyes” from being dilated. I knew the day of school work was out the window since she was not able to focus on text. We had just been to the library and gathered as many books and I just so happened luckily had some great DK books on plants AND John and M&M had recently surprised me with flowers…. so….. we dissected flowers! Honestly, I think Cookie enjoyed the much needed break from her school quarter finals week.

Even little M&M loved the task before her.. labeling and all!

Some new developments in our house.. Opie..( yes, I am still searching for the perfect blog name.. ) has decided he wants to learn the Saxophone! We talked to our piano teacher and he has ideas for getting him started.. they will meet this next week and practice the recorder fingering after his regular piano lesson. The piano teacher has also pointed us towards an Alto Saxophone, with hopes that the seller can come to a reasonable offer. Opie currently loves to play all of the Charlie Brown music, Scott Joplin, and has recently finished the Hungarian Rhapsody No.2. He just started a slower paced piece by Mozart.
Have a wonderful week!

Double digits on the 22nd!

Happy 10th birthday to our son, known here as Opie.. (but quickly in need of an updated blog name)!! We are so blessed to have him in our life! He is a joy and such a neat kid to be with! He spent his real birthday in a car with 8 people in it! We left Texas and headed back to Atlanta to spend some needed time in a brand new pool  with Nana and Guka.  The birthday boy was spoiled a bit at dinner when several waitresses came out to clap and sing to him with  a dessert plate!….( this is after sitting in the back of the car   for 10 hours)

Before we left town, we did have a party for him at one of the museums on Post.  The Museum hosts a fun and engaging Scavenger hunt. They pass out a clipboard with a sheet of paper with about 20 pictures for the children to locate and identify. When you are finished, the staff “grades”  the sheet and will even send the children back out if corrections are needed.  Following the hunt, we went outside and enjoyed cupcakes and a few nice gifts.  Happy 10th Birthday Son!

Also wishing my own dad a very happy birthday on the 22nd!! My dad has been celebrating  for the last 30+ years his 29th  birthday.. Happy birthday dad!

On the second day of the road trip, we stopped in a mall for lunch and a bit of leg stretching ( ha) and found a brand new Lego Store! Opie was thrilled!

More filly care..

We took Bluebelle, then M&M and Opie out to care for the baby horse(s) There are actually two on the farm, along with two three year olds and three older ones ( to include the moms) These horses are gorgeous 16 hand horses, full grown. Shadow, the black three year old is so friendly and will walk right up to your face to greet you. Here is Bluebelle taking out 30lbs of hay by herself to feed the horses. Here is Lady and Shadow with her.

One filly is Hrimfaxi and the other baby is Firefox. Hrimfaxi is a few weeks younger than Firefox and has seemed very comfortable around the children.

Yesterday, the baby was fascinated with the scent of M&M’s hands. We had fresh cucumbers, carrots, and celery before going over to the farm and I am pretty sure this young filly loved the way she smelled… like treats!

Each of the kids have been able to drape ( lightly) their arms over the baby filly’s back. They made “hand saddles…

a first …

.. for him… Yesterday I had to “ground” Opie form the piano until he could recall his division facts without stalling… I told him when he could tell me instantly a math problem I call out he could have the piano back. I paralleled it to how “quickly” he is able to just go to the piano and play without thinking “Rondo Alla Turca”. He needs to be just as quick with his math. Instantly, he and his sister began holding up flashcards and making a pile of “knows” and a pile of “don’t knows”. This morning he is dying to get the piano back…

Our trip to Georgia

We figured out while driving to Georgia, why it looked different than before…. all of the Fall leaves were still on the trees. The Interstate was lined with every fall color imaginable. This is where I get “God’s Canvas” The world is God’s canvas. To me it looks like God took a paint brush and dipped it into the paint to get the brilliant colors that make up the leaves of fall, the sky and the clouds and everything around us. Usually when we drive to Georgia, it is over Christmas; by then, all of the fall leaves are gone. All we notice while driving are the bare trees next to the tall pine trees. ~~~~~~~

We stopped in Shreveport to visit with my Grandparents. The children love to go to their home and explore the music boxes, the wood carvings, and the other handmade creations in their home. My Grandfather, Dida, gave Opie a old pellet gun, one that he had been saving to give him for years. Opie was thrilled!

I didn’t have my camera for the wedding or reception, so I’ll wait to share pictures from that, but I do have a few from the days before.

John picked all of us up at my sister’s house to drive her and all of the flowers for the wedding party to the church. Here she is “squeezing” into the front of our Suburban in her beautiful ( full) dress.
Over the weekend, with the cousins in town, Nana and Guka raked leaves and let the kids all take turns jumping (and being dumped) into the piles.. I was trying the different settings on my camera, My favorite shots were the ones I did using the Sports setting. Then I spied a leftover spiderweb from the night in the iron fencing and used my up close setting.

We stopped by the EWTN station in Irondale Alabama. We were able to go in and pray in the sanctuary and visit the grounds. The station tour was going to start a little to late into the day for us this trip, so we’ll try to stay on our next pass through. The children overheard the lady in the Gift Shop say that Brother Leo sometimes does the tour, but since we were not staying, she offered to call over to the Friary and see if he was around. He invited us over, even though he wasn’t in his habit ( he was doing yard work). He was so friendly and was exactly like he is on the EWTN children’s hour. He brought out a few tricks to make analogies with the kids. He did the Curiosity box… asked Opie if he wanted to drop a coin in the slot.. and if he was curious to see what would happen….and POW.. it exploded ! His analogy was that sometimes our curiosity about somethings, like books and movies, can get us into trouble..
While we were gone, the shootings at Ft Hood called for our dear friend and priest, Fr Kevin to come to Ft Hood on TDY and offer ministry to the soldiers directly effected. The soldiers he worked with over last two weeks were those in line at the building that day. He was still in town when we returned and is staying with us. We love all of his visits here.
A few cute shots…

Reason and logic…

Opie, our soon to be 9 year old amazes us with how quick he is to think with reason and logic… Here are a few examples:

* Why does Home Depot need a “t” at the end… really it still makes sense spelled without the “t”.. Home Depo

* “Dad, what is the purpose of gnats?’ while throwing the baseball… dad replies, “well, they are food for other insects and birds”….. Opie tossing the ball again says.. “so basically they are just “flying snacks”

* Moonbeam is swirling her glass of water at lunch asking Opie what she is making.. a vortex?? a tornado??? “no, all you are making is a mess”

* “Mom, really, if you think about it, the two Presidential Candidates don’t need to vote for themselves, because really all that does is keep the number of votes exactly the same, just one vote higher each.. so its like they didn’t even have to vote.”

* Trying to decide whether or not to go to Wa**art or the local grocery store, I posed the question…. which one should we go to?? Then I reminded them how much I like the local grocery store because they always have coupons for “buy this, get this free”… Opie replied..”Well really, you end up buying things you didn’t really need just to get the free stuff so really you aren’t saving any money, I think we should go to WM”

Here is a photo from Opie serving daily Mass with his friends. He is in front of Father R.