A Sacrament for Rosebud

We celebrated a sweet baptism for our little Rosebud yesterday. She was baptized in a historic Catholic Church built in 1792.
Her Godparents couldn’t join us, so Moonbeam’s Godparents ( John’s Brother Jared and SIL Denise) stood in as Proxy.
As Rosebud had the annointing on her chest, her siblings and a few cousins peered over the pew.
Rosebud held it together has the chilly water fell over her head. Just like her biggest brother, she too found comfort keeping her little pacifier while the water poured.

I love the sweet smell of the Chrism on a new baby
Rosebud wore the same beautiful gown as two of her big sisters, Moonbeam and Bluebelle. She is so sweet and teeny tiny. She is still observing her surrounding and sounds and making some of the cutest serious faces.
We made simple cupcakes with homemade buttercream icing topped off with little roses and made shell candies to pass out to all of the guests outside of the church. Little Rosebud was given some sweet little mementos for her big day, but the best of all, A pure white soul!

Celebrating the Sacraments!



We joined our dear friends back in Nashville for three Sacraments. MM received her First Reconciliation and her First Holy Communion with her friends and Opie received his long awaited Confirmation. Being a military family and moving so frequently, we encounter different ages/grades for Sacraments. Joining back up with his class from last year was such a treat for him! While we were there, John’s parents joined us as well as Opie’s Godmother!





John and I celebrated our Sacrament of Marriage this past week. We were married 19 years ago! Looking back at this photo, we look so very young and yet, I still see us as this same happy couple. Thank you to all who send well wishes and as well as the Mass you offered, Fr Kevin, for us! Now on for another 19 years!

“Maria-Therese, Be sealed with the Holy Spirit”

“Maria-Therese, I sign thee with the sign + of the Cross, and I confirm thee with the chrism of salvation; in the Name of the Father + and of the Son + and of the Holy + Ghost.”
Just as Abram became Abraham, as Jacob became Israel, as Simon became Peter, and as Saul became Paul, the confirmand takes on the name of a Saint when he is sealed to the Holy Ghost. This isn’t necessary for the sake of validity, but it is the traditional practice of the Church, and especially important for those whose Baptismal names are pagan.

Acts 8:14-17 “Now, when the apostles, who were in Jerusalem, had heard that Samaria had received the word of God, they sent unto them Peter and John. Who, when they were come, prayed for them that they might receive the Holy Ghost. For he was not as yet come upon any of them: but they were only baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Then they laid their hands upon them: and they received the Holy Ghost.

Ephesians 4:30 “And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God: whereby you are sealed unto the day of redemption.”

Cookie was confirmed this past Sunday at the Cathedral in Nashville. This was the first time we had been to the Cathedral. It was beautiful and the music sounded like angels. She asked Fr. Kevin Peek, a lifelong friend of the family, to be her Sponsor. Fr. Kevin has been a source of friendship and support over the years and has always made time to be there for Cookie.
`Where the Bishop is, there let the multitude of believers be;
even as where Jesus is, there is the Catholic Church” Ignatius of Antioch, 1st c. A.D

The Bishop welcomed Fr Kevin before the Mass began and then again thanked him for Concelebrating at the end of the Mass. His memory for names and details was very accurate. The Bishop confirmed over six Churches and schools from the surrounding Diocese.

Confirmation gives us the sanctifying grace to become perfect Christians and true soldiers of Christ. Confirmation indelibly seals us to the Holy Ghost, hence its name, “Sacrament of the Seal.” Because this seal is indelible and leaves a permanent mark on the recipient’s soul, the Sacrament, like Baptism and Holy Orders, may be received only once. God confirms us (strengthens us) so we may do spiritual battle.

We were given permission to take pictures from afar making sure not to use a flash. I think the pictures turned out beautiful and are a special keepsake for Cookie.

I took this picture (above) before mass to make sure it worked without the flash. (Below) She’s wearing a sweet white dress given to her by her grandparents, Nana and Guka. Her pearl earrings were a gift from her Aunt and Uncle, and a sweet cross and pearl necklace given to her by my parents, Honey and Hoppy.
We gave her the James Avery Purity ring. Since she chose St. Maria Goretti and St Therese as her Confirmation name, we thought it was a perfect gift. Here is Fr. Kevin blessing her ring after the Mass at the water font in the back of the church.

True Love Waits

After Mass, Bishop Choby was leaving and saw two of our girls off to the side. He walked right up to them and said, I remember you! And then began to carry on a conversation with them remembering talking to them before the Mass.

Let us pray. O God, You gave Your Holy Spirit to Your apostles, and willed that through them and their successors the same gift should be delivered to all the faithful: look graciously on the service we humbly render to You; grant that the same Spirit, coming down upon those whose foreheads we have annointed with the holy chrism, and signed with the sign of the holy cross, may by His gracious indwelling make them a temple of His glory, You Who are God, living and reigning with the Father and the Holy Spirit, world without end.

(Information for Confirmation was taken from Fisheaters)

First Holy Communion

Today was a beautiful day for Bluebelle. She was so excited to be receiving Jesus for the first time in First Holy Communion. John’s parents, Nana and Guka, drove up from Atlanta and were able to spend the special day with all of us.

Her dress was from Catholic Faith given to her by Nana and Guka. It was a perfect fit. Her veil was a combination of a veil we ordered from Catholic Faith and a comb from the local Hobby store. I didn’t read the fine print when I placed the order for a headband veil. It was not an item that could be returned. The headband was too small, but the veil part was perfect, so I unstitched the veil and found a comb in the bridal department at the hobby store. I restitched the two together and loved the combination better than what we started with.

Her gloves were also from this online order since it was very important to Bluebelle to have her hands covered during Holy Communion.

Bluebelle was so pleased with how everything made her feel like a little bride for Christ. John and I gave her one of Ruth’s First Holy Communion bracelets.

Her Aunt and Uncle gave her the sweet pink cross.

I love the holy water still resting on her forehead in this shot.
She also received a First Holy Communion Madame Alexander First Holy Communion doll “with brown eyes” from Nana and Guka which she took to Mass.

Several other gifts she opened the night before included a little dove charm from my parents for her Charm Bracelet. We’ll hope to get it saudered on this week so she can wear it to Mass next week. I’ll photograph more next week since she opened them after dinner and a shower last night and before I realized it, I was taking pics of her in her Pjs.
I love this shot I got right as we were heading into the church of Daddy, MM, and Bluebelle. We are so blessed to have John home for this special Sacrament!
Now here is the mom reality check for me… She knew there would be cake after Mass to celebrate. It was announced to the children at rehearsal.. Chocolate cake! Thats all she remembered.. not that there would ALSO be white cake. I am thinking okay, all this preparation to have everything WHITE… and she wants chocolate cake. I wish I could say I am one of those moms who just doesn’t worry about things like that… but…. I do. But, what do you do, it’s her day, not mine… enjoy your chocolate cake love, I just won’t watch (right after I capture the moment!)

There were pictures taken without the flash during the mass that we should be getting soon. Bluebelle received on a white satin draped kneeler. I love the pictures that capture the moment of receiving Jesus for the first time! I can’t wait to see them!
Bluebelle’s big brother served Mass. It seems like just the other day I was posting about his FIrst Holy Communion.
Happy First Holy Communion Sweet girl, we love you!

A Sneak Peek

until this weekend…

My sister is having her first baby in March! I have been busy washing, ironing, cutting, and sewing a few little goodies for this little man’s baby nursery! After I give them to her this weekend, I’ll come back and post them. Next, I plan to order some sweet fabric to make a Christening gown and two slips to give to our two new Godsons.
On top of the sewing, I’ve been planning and thinking of John’s return next month! can’t wait!!! And what the kids and I should wear to the hanger when we welcome him home! I am thinking I’ll get some red, white, and blue ribbon for the girls’ hair!
Then, two of our children will be receiving sacraments this year. We’ve got Cookie receiving her Confirmation, and Bluebelle preparing for her First Holy Communion. I’ve been thinking of their special days and how I can help make them special. We have a few ideas for them, but would not want to spoil them by posting them yet.
I know the time between “here and someday” is almost here. Not long now, I keep telling myself… and all my sewing better be complete! 🙂

Getting ready for the New Year!

Moonbeam has studied all year, despite everything we endured this summer. She is ready to receive Jesus in the Eucharist this Friday! What a wonderful way to start a New Year! Her daddy returns from TDY and Nana and Guka (grandparents) are arriving in on a train on New Year’s Eve. Our dear priest friend, Fr Kevin will also be arriving in to be here for the occasion. Today we have many things on our “to-do” list to get ready. But to begin the morning, we will be off to Daily Mass. Fr Richard likes the First Holy Communicants to go to confession two times before they receive their First Holy Communion. Fr Richard once told us in a Homily that hearing the confessions of children was like “being stoned with popcorn” He said truly, the sweet words from the children are so very tender and dear. After reading many many books, Moonbeam is so ready for her Soul ( her little hut) to be sparkling white for her Lord! We invite you all to join us at our Friday January 1st, 9:00 am Mass in prayer.
Her dress is a sweet Wilbeth dress her Nana found with delicate smocking across the waist band. It was the only dress in her size hanging gently on the stand at a sweet little shop in Georgia. Her veil is a ring of roses with soft flowing tulle behind. Her rosary is made of pale pink and white beads to match her dress, a gift form her daddy and me.

preparing.. in so many ways

for the coming of our Lord… preparing the house for Advent… and preparing for First Holy Communion!!
Moonbeam is sooooo ready to receive Jesus in her First Holy Communion. She has been preparing for so long and today, on this cold. ( and snowing!!) First Friday of the month, she made her first confession! She is anxiously looking forward to January 1st to make her First Holy Communion!! Fr Kevin will be flying in to help Fr Richard, Our parish priest give her Jesus on that special day… we think she has “moonbeams” now.. I am sure on that day.. her eyes will completely close into “moonbeams” with Joy!

Sacraments, sacraments….

Today (October 12) we attended Mass where four of our homeschool friends received their First Holy Communion. They have been preparing for this special day for a long time. We saw them each go up to Father with their family and receive Jesus for the first time. It was teary for me as I remember our daughter, Cookie and our son, Opie when they received their first holy communion. As we were visiting with friends, Moonbeam,who is eager for her day to come, (but she will have to wait as she just turned 6) came up to a group of us and said, “Today is my Baptismal Birthday, I became a child of God on this day.” She’s right…. In 2002, in this very church, she was baptized by her daddy’s Uncle, Fr. Mark. So, of course, our regular dessert night became a celebration with gourmet brownies!!
Thank you God for sending us Moonbeam!!

First Holy Communion Preparations

As Lent is here, I am realizing how soon our son will be receiving his First Holy Communion. We have planned the date of 4/12/08 here at our parish and parish priest. We have wonderful news that our Son’s Godfather, Fr. K., a priest in the Atlanta diocese will be able to be here to celebrate the Mass with Fr R.

We have been studying all along even in first grade for this special day. He is ready, he knows all of his prayers, and he knows the complete order of the Mass. He is such a conscientious little boy. He has even much to teach us. He prays fervently with his eyes closed and hands pointed to heaven. His heart is golden and is anxious to celebrate Mass with his brothers, Mark and Luke as Holy Mass is Heaven on Earth. He will be surrounded with love by family and friends and two wonderful priests. His good friend will be receiving with him followed by a reception to celebrate.

Our family got the beautiful Mini Mass Kit and Lessons from Our Father’s House. We have been reading many many books to include King of the Golden City, The Weight of a Mass, St Imelda, Patron Saint of First Communicants, My Path to Heaven, Little Therese ( out of print from CHC), and many more along with our Religion for Young Catholics, Balitmore Catechism.

We are doing to much more there is too much to get it all on paper. My friend whose son is receiving with Our son shared the idea of putting together a FHC notebook. Our son has already jumped at his idea and has begun collecting his items for entry!

(Holy Card Image from He Gently Calls Us) Thank you for this gift!