Happy birthday… to not one, but two little fellas

Wonderful news yesterday! My sister delivered a healthy baby boy after many many hours of labor! Our house was thrilled to hear of the newest nephew’s arrival! Christian made his way into the world around 10:30 am and all day we eagerly awaited pictures! Here is one from my mom who was there to help welcome him. Isn’t he adorable!!

We can’t wait to meet him at his Baptism in a few weeks!!! I am am sewing a slip for Christian to add to his daddy’s Baptismal gown. I’ve been inspired by using An Old Fashioned Baby pattern trying to look at Matthew’s hand sewn Christening gown. Mine is in no way close to the skillful needle work of Cheryl, but I hope little Christian and his mommy and daddy will love it anyway.

.. As it turns out, my dear friend Jess decided to deliver at the last minute last night and we got word that Gabriel made his way into the world before the end of the night! John and I are the Godparents to both little boys. We will meet Gabriel on his Baptism as well.

Here are the slips, but Cheryl and Jan, please don’t look at my spacing. I did get the hang of the featherstitch by the time I was done.

I still need to do the button holes and add the buttons. Then I plan to embroider the edge of the slips with their name and baptismal dates.
Happy birthday to our Godchildren, Christian and Gabriel!! We can’t wait to meet you both!


baby blanket and more

I thoroughly enjoyed sewing this baby quilt for my new nephew’s baby room. I didn’t know how much fun it was to sew on a good sewing machine! My husband bought me a new Janome right before Christmas, and this quilt and other baby goodies was just the project to get started on it. This Janome Magnolia went across the fabric like butter. I guess it’s also nice to use beautiful fabric.

My sister was glowing at her baby shower. She has about 8 more weeks to go before this little fella makes his appearance. Courtney and her husband seemed very happy with the blanket and diaper stacker. I even had enough of the beautiful toile to make an extra blanket with the taggies on the side.

I thought this was so cute.. She didn’t know what I used in the quilt, only that it had the toile and chenille. I was so happy to see that she liked what I chose. I actually called her and said I didn’t think I’d be using the satin trim (even thought I knew it coordinated with her bedding in the baby’s room) I think she was thrilled with it, so I am glad I changed my mind without telling her.

Our trip to Georgia

We figured out while driving to Georgia, why it looked different than before…. all of the Fall leaves were still on the trees. The Interstate was lined with every fall color imaginable. This is where I get “God’s Canvas” The world is God’s canvas. To me it looks like God took a paint brush and dipped it into the paint to get the brilliant colors that make up the leaves of fall, the sky and the clouds and everything around us. Usually when we drive to Georgia, it is over Christmas; by then, all of the fall leaves are gone. All we notice while driving are the bare trees next to the tall pine trees. ~~~~~~~

We stopped in Shreveport to visit with my Grandparents. The children love to go to their home and explore the music boxes, the wood carvings, and the other handmade creations in their home. My Grandfather, Dida, gave Opie a old pellet gun, one that he had been saving to give him for years. Opie was thrilled!

I didn’t have my camera for the wedding or reception, so I’ll wait to share pictures from that, but I do have a few from the days before.

John picked all of us up at my sister’s house to drive her and all of the flowers for the wedding party to the church. Here she is “squeezing” into the front of our Suburban in her beautiful ( full) dress.
Over the weekend, with the cousins in town, Nana and Guka raked leaves and let the kids all take turns jumping (and being dumped) into the piles.. I was trying the different settings on my camera, My favorite shots were the ones I did using the Sports setting. Then I spied a leftover spiderweb from the night in the iron fencing and used my up close setting.

We stopped by the EWTN station in Irondale Alabama. We were able to go in and pray in the sanctuary and visit the grounds. The station tour was going to start a little to late into the day for us this trip, so we’ll try to stay on our next pass through. The children overheard the lady in the Gift Shop say that Brother Leo sometimes does the tour, but since we were not staying, she offered to call over to the Friary and see if he was around. He invited us over, even though he wasn’t in his habit ( he was doing yard work). He was so friendly and was exactly like he is on the EWTN children’s hour. He brought out a few tricks to make analogies with the kids. He did the Curiosity box… asked Opie if he wanted to drop a coin in the slot.. and if he was curious to see what would happen….and POW.. it exploded ! His analogy was that sometimes our curiosity about somethings, like books and movies, can get us into trouble..
While we were gone, the shootings at Ft Hood called for our dear friend and priest, Fr Kevin to come to Ft Hood on TDY and offer ministry to the soldiers directly effected. The soldiers he worked with over last two weeks were those in line at the building that day. He was still in town when we returned and is staying with us. We love all of his visits here.
A few cute shots…