Liturgical cooking

Miracle of the Sun, Oct 13
Rice Krispie Treat Sun found here

Feast of The Assumption of Mary, August 15

The little girls enjoyed making blue jello with fresh whipped cream for the clouds. I had some small plastic wine glasses from  the holidays which were the perfect serving size.


Feast of St.Maximilliam Kolbe, August 14

The little girls made our table decorations using red and white construction paper for the  two crowns.  We served cherry juice on white cups and  made a red velvet and white cake.

Wishing you a wonderful Happy Saint Day!


Feast of the Descent of the Holy Spirit

Jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese and Cheddar cheese with a slivered tomato for the flame.

We went for the “fire” this year. we made Spicy Chili and cooled off our tongues with plenty of sour cream. We completed the meal with a red velvet cake topped with a cool whipped icing and of course the strawberry slices.

Feast of the Ascension
“Heavenly Delight”
May 11, 2010
Since I was very small, my mom made this recipe, usually for guests, and I got the spoon.. now as a mommy.. I have Snowbabies, ages 13-3 all around me when I make this asking for the spoon… and why not taste a little bit of heaven?
For the Feast of the Ascension, we will celebrate with a taste of Heavenly Delight.
What you’ll need:
Angel Food Cake…. Make it yourself and you’ll love how light and fluffy ( like clouds) it feels.
1 bag of Semi-sweet Chocolate chips
4 egg yolks
4 egg whites
1/4 c sugar
1 large tub Cool whip
1/2 c chopped walnuts

Cool and tear your angel food cake into pieces in a large bowl.
Melt chocolate chips in saucepan or double boiler ( to avoid cooking the yolk) stirring in the yolks carefully until smooth. remove immediately from heat.
In a separate bowl, whip the egg whites until fluffy adding in the sugar and cool whip. Fold in the chocolate and add the nuts.
For the Ascension, reserve half of the Angel Food cake.
In a large dish spread out the remaining angel food cake and Spoon Chocolate mixture on top until completely covered. Chill for a few hours for best texture.
When ready to serve, fill each glass with angel food cake pieces and top with heavenly delight!
Enjoy a taste of heaven and end with a prayer for thanksgiving for the Ascension of our Lord into Heaven.
I will add pictures when we make ours.

St George Feast Day, 4/23/2010
The legend of St. George fighting and overcoming the dragon (a traditional symbol of evil) reminds us of God’s care: “Under the Lord’s wings you shall take refuge; His faithfulness is a buckler and shield. You shall not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day” (Psalm 91:4-5).

This year I used slivered Almonds for the scales. His nostrils are made with Rolos and his teeth are made with white morsels. The kids can’t wait to slay this guy! Again, we used a Red Velvet cake mix and followed Charlotte’s tutorial for how to cut the cake!

Here is our dragon from last year!


6 thoughts on “Liturgical cooking

  1. LOVE the scales!! We used Red Velvet cake mix too. My children liked the idea of dragon’s insides being red, lol! 😉

    Thank you for sharing.

    God bless!

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