Moonbeam has been enjoying riding this past year. She still wants to be a vet when she grows up and thought she’d settle for something small since we told her we couldn’t get her a horse right now… she went from a horse to a budgie! not only one, but two!
On her tenth birthday, we got her a cage and a budgie and she decided a few days later her little Yoshi needed a friend, so we went back and got Peach! She takes good care of them and gives them “exercise” daily by getting them out with her sisters help.

Originally only one bird needed a simple $15 cage.. but two birds.. they needed a condo! After spending a week in the first cage, we went out and found a much bigger one on clearance for half the price. They have plenty of room for all their toys she keeps getting for them!
Moonbeam is working on her Cantering, her Posting trot, and getting the Bridle in the horse’s mouth all by herself.

Her 9th Birthday..

Moonbeam and her little sister ( in the red boots) just started horse riding lessons. Here they are getting Reggie ready for their first day.

Moonbeam is exactly as her nickname says.. she beams everywhere she goes! And if there is a horse… or fox.. or a fairy…around, she’s even happier!

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