tennis shoes and more…

who said tennis shoes don’t go with cute little dresses??dsc_0285
These new tennies aren’t stopping this little one from playing. Actually this little one doesn’t know that mommy bought her these new tennis shoes to keep her from toe walking! She wants to be barefoot and up on her toes at all times.. she always looks like a ballerina, but we know this can lead to all kinds of foot problems. So far she has kept them on!
Also, the dress I was smocking the other day I was determined to finish AND get the neckband on straight!! I was inspired last year by Cheryl’s butterfly trio and ordered the fabric. I won’t tell Cheryl that I had to pleat this fabric three times Dear Cheryl, I need a pleating tutorial and I won’t tell her I broke about 6 needles during those pleating. This is one reason I left the last pleating I did as is and made do.. I just didn’t get a lot of rows in. I am still very pleased with it. Today I ordered a book to help me with Bullions. I am hoping to add the cute bullions embellishments to this dress later… dsc_0289
Who knows, If M&M keeps these shoes on, she just may show up for Mass in a new Butterfly Bishop dress and tennies!

Here’s a picture of the girls trying to encourage M&M to kick her ball.. I think the slide got in their way.dsc_0286


2 thoughts on “tennis shoes and more…

  1. Ouch! So those were your needles I heard crunching into pieces….I just cringe when I hear the needle crunch! Martha at Southern Matriarch
    just put up a tutorial on seamless pleating a short while ago. This may help you with the needle crunching dilemma. The twill makes for some thick seams for the pleater needles to go thru.

    Your girls are adorable and the butterfly dress come out really sweet!

    I’ve repleated and crunched needles….many times. 🙂

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