Stations of the Cross Kit

A while back we purchased the Stations of the Cross Grotto Kit from Illuminated Ink. This is a beautiful way to display the 14 Stations Our Lord went through on his Via Dolorosa. This kit requires many steps and much allowance for glue to dry. A lot of straight edge cutting is needed too. We usually use our cutter similar to this straight edge cutter to get as close to straight as we can. We were going steady “until” we left the 14 stations on the breakfast bar over night to complete the cutting of the 3-D pictures the following day, and water hit the stations…. It could have happened to anyone I told my son. I quickly called the company and asked for help. They were so wonderful to work with and hopefully in the next few days, we’ll fix the artwork, and glue the rocks. I’ll be able to post the completed project that will go on our mantel. Note to all who make this: Please keep the beautiful artwork sheets away from water.

after water ( sigh)

1st Station: Jesus is condemned to death
2nd Station: Jesus is given his cross
3rd Station: Jesus falls the first time
4th Station: Jesus meets His Mother
5th Station: Simon of Cyrene carries the cross
6th Station: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
7th Station: Jesus falls the second time
8th Station: Jesus meets the daughters of Jerusalem
9th Station: Jesus falls the third time
10th Station: Jesus is stripped of His garments
11th Station: Crucifixion: Jesus is nailed to the cross
12th Station: Jesus dies on the cross
13th Station: Jesus’ body is removed from the cross (Deposition or Lamentation)
14th Station: Jesus is laid in the tomb and covered in incense.

We were also able to print our a set of Holy Cards from Catholic Artworks, Teacher’s Helper to color , cut and laminate. We also plan to read aloud as recommended in our Catholic Mosaic, Lenten book title, “The Story of the Cross” that is full of beautiful artwork.


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